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T. 020 8657 6002 | M. 07739 638 431

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Chimney Services

The day to day activities of a chimney sweep have changed greatly from my great grandad’s time. His advertisements used to read ‘Bliss Chimney Cleaners & Carpet Beaters’

Today we need to be Chimney Technicians & Flueologists to ensure safe and efficient operation of your system!

Of course I still clean chimneys the traditional way, with brush and rods, but I also carry a power sweep system for dirtier flues and a state of the art vacuum to keeps dust to a minimum. Sheets are laid to the floors, a ground sheet will sit in front of your fireplace and a protective front sheet is always applied to the fireplace/stove/appliance to seal it from the room to ensure that no soot or dust escapes. 

An important part of the modern sweeps work is chimney testing and I have a remote camera to inspect the flues from bottom to top if you are worried about the internal condition.

I sweep all appliances including Open Fires, Gas Fires, Wood Burning & Multi Fuel Stoves, Jetmasters & other Convector Boxes, AGAs, Rayburns, Parkrays, Inglenooks, Boilers and Bio Mass Boilers.

In a maintenance service I can carry out repairs to open fires, replacement of fire back’s & seals. Stoves burning at such high temperatures will deteriorate over time. I can bring your stove back to life by re-spraying, cleaning and/or replacing the glass, changing cracked fire bricks and renewing rope and cement seals.

Birds and squirrels sometimes nest in flues and can be a real problem.  I can both remove any nests and fit pots and bird guards to prevent entry. We also offer chimney repairs, chimney pot repair, chimney cowls and cctv camera inspections and chimney inspections for homes in Croydon and throughout Surrey.

Roof works

As a qualified Roofer specialising in Tiles and Slate I can help with any roof issue, from something as simple as a broken tile to an extensive roof overhaul. I specialise in chimney related roof work and can rebuild or repoint chimney stacks and fit pots and can replace lead flashings, front aprons and back gutters

If you have any questions relating to Chimneys or Roofs I am always very happy to help and give guidance.  I undertake all work personally and do not subcontract to third parties.